Pastor Thaung

Thaung Ngaih Lian is the Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church, Yangon. Pastor Thaung is of Burmese nationality and is married to Ciin Lam Ma’an.  Ciin came to know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord at the age of eight by the witness of her Sunday school teacher.  The Lord has blessed the Pastor and his wife with two precious sons.

Pastor Thaung

Pastor Thaung and his family

Although Thaung grew up in a Christian family, he had never accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.  In 1995 he was saved at the age of 18 by the witness of his uncle, who was formerly a Baptist pastor.  His uncle had been led to Christ by an American missionary.

Before being saved, Thaung had worked very hard in his business but never enjoyed what he was doing. When he became a Christian, God gave him a new heart and spirit. He found joy in the presence of the Lord in his life. He began to see the blessedness of the saved.

Then he realized that many Burmese were going to hell and were missing Heaven because they worship idols. Before leaving his job, he remembers witnessing to a man, asking him, “Do you know who God really is?” In reply, the man pointed to an idol and said, “This is our god.” Thaung said, “No! There is only one God and He is a living God, in whom we have redemption through the Lord Jesus Christ.” But the man rejected Jesus.  Through this experience, the Holy Spirit convicted Thaung of the urgent need of bringing the Gospel to his countrymen.

At that time, the Lord spoke to his heart with His Word in Proverbs 29:18. He gave up his job, prayed for a while and committed my whole life to serve God and Him alone. He decided to go to the Philippines to study in a Bible school so that he could get more training in the knowledge of the Word of God and serve the King more effectively in Myanmar. By faith, without knowing anyone in the Philippines, Thaung bought an air ticket for Manila.

Finally arriving at Asia Baptist Bible College, he discovered that he could not study at the college because he could not afford the tuition.  But, the Lord led him to another school, Bethany Baptist Bible College in Makati, Manila.

After graduating from Bethany Baptist Bible College, Thaung went back to his homeland to start a pioneering work in South Dagon, Yangon in 2004.

Pastor Thaung asks for his brothers and sisters in Christ to continue to pray for him and his family as they labor for God on a challenging field.  He asks also that they pray for more laborers for the work.

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