Our Ministries

Pastor Thaung’s ministry is one of preaching, teaching, Church planting, and equipping leaders for the ministry in each of the mission churches. He has trained many members to do evangelism, disciple new converts (follow up), and to teach sound doctrine and the old-fashioned Bible truth. It is his vision that someday Burmese will evangelize their own people with the pure Gospel from the word of God. This is his earnest prayer to God.  Brethren, please pray for Pastor Thaung and the Burmese he is training.

After years of labor with much fervency of prayer, God blessed the Church and enabled it to plant three new Churches.  A pastor was sent to each new church to feed the congregation. These pastors are struggling each day to support their families, which is a great challenge in poverty-stricken Myanmar, but in spite of many hardships they are faithfully serving the Lord.  (you can help)

Pastor Thaung and Bethany Baptist Church have seen God’s faithfulness. Every planted church was born in prayer and has been sustained in prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bethany Baptist ChurchPastor Thaung has seen Friday prayer meetings go all night long as Church members sought the face of God and prayed for revival and souls to be won to Christ. Through the night they raised their voices toward heaven, competing with the frogs as well as the noise of stones thrown at them by neighbors who hated the Christian presence in the community.

Prayer is the foundation of every new church started through this ministry. Even today, these soul-winning ministries are sustained by the grace of God and by prayer on every Friday in the morning through the night by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the only way the churches will grow. They never take it for granted.

Please pray for the people in Burma who are starving physically and spiritually. The ministry in Burma has suffered persecution throughout the years since the political changes in the 1960s forced all of the missionaries to leave, including American missionaries.  Please pray for Pastor Thaung and the Church to maintain the ministry strong and for more souls to be saved.

Bethany Baptist Church hopes that their brothers and sisters in the Lord around the world will pray for them and find ways to partner with them to help the mission work in Myanmar financially and spiritually.

orphans in MyanmarIn addition to planting churches, this ministry works to reach the orphans of Myanmar.  The ultimate goal is to provide a proper education in all aspects of life to these precious children so that one day they might be equipped to bring hope through Christ to what is, without Christ, a hopeless situation. (you can help these orphans).

The Lord has led and burdened Pastor Thaung to start planting churches amongst the unreached peoples since 2004, when he graduated from Bethany Baptist Bible College, Philippines. Since this has been the very burden and vision of his heart, he works hard and sacrificially in the field to which God has called him, in order that his people might be saved by the blood of the merciful Saviour. He works with tears, with pain, and through much persecution, toiling day and night, knowing that the coming of our Lord Jesus is very near.  He preaches the gospel to every one under the sun.

There is a tremendous need to plant churches amongst the unreached peoples of Myanmar. The Lord has blessed with three mission churches in three different areas. All of these areas are Buddhist areas, where there are almost no Christian works of any kind.

Because Myanmar is so poor, the churches there lack the resources to enable the work to proceed at a pace which meets the need of the land.  But God is a great God, and the wealth of the world is in His hands.  Will you have a part in bringing the Gospel to the unreached people in Myanmar, and in supporting the church planters who are enduring persecution and suffering as they labor in God’s field?  See how you can help.

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